Blogs, (web logs) are a great way to get yourself a place on the web where anyone can find you.

A blog site like this one, as opposed to a web site, will be instantly recognized by all the important search engines, like google, and can be easily maintained by someone with minimal experience.

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Web logs are most useful because of their versitility. They can be static – like a shop window for people to see who you are and what you do or sell – or they can be dynamic – regularly changed and updated in line with new information. Blogs can be simple with a few pages that are updated whenever necessary or intricate with password-protected pages, discussion forums, embedded images, short films and links to other sites.

A blog can be built as a website equivalent for the face of your company and blogs can be used for blogging which is an activity that can enhance your status on search engines, attract a lot more traffic to your sites or to your affiliates. Successful blogging involves writing regularly on your own site, relating to other people’s sites, responding to people on a variety of internet forums, posting interesting or relevant short films around the virtual world and really getting to know what your target audience like to see and read and providing it.


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Potato Press can meet all your blog building and blogging needs because we can:

  • Build bespoke sites to tight deadlines –including writing appropriate text.
  • Locate sites at your own domain name (
  • Provide hosting and/or maintenance.
  • Train you to update and manage the site yourself without an I.T. expert.
  • Assist and/or advise on all forms of blogging.
  • Integrate your site with google adwords or adsense campaigns and affiliate programmes to earn you extra revenue.
  • Fill your site with great images or logos.